I really like the Unsubscribe links in the v7 beta! =)

(It searches the message for Unsubscribe links and then presents them at the top, in the header, instead of buried in the small print)

Hi Ben,
thank you for the praise, we’re glad you like this feature as much as we do :wink:


Yes, I agree it’s helpful.  I know this feature relies on the existence of a list-unsubscribe header and the value of the header can contain a URL, an email address or both. When it contains a URL we’re taken to a web site which serves as confirmation that the unsubscribe has occurred.  However, when the header contains an email address, there’s no confirmation. I appreciate that an email is sent automatically in the background, but for consistency, there should be a dialog box that says something like “An unsubscribe request has been sent to [email protected]

It took me a while before I thought to check my “Sent” folder and discovered that I had triggered a half dozen unsubscribe request emails.

Really liking the new version, that’s why I took the time to make this suggestion so it can be even better.

While I can see some would like it, I find it just takes up screen space by enlarging the Header quite a bit. Would prefer to be able to turn it off in Settings.

Yes, the unsubscribe link is most useful!!

I would also like to see a disable for this feature in settings.

How about giving the user the option to display or not display.

Every time I display a message it flickers because of this. It’s
annoying me that much I’m ready to through my PC out the window.