Unsolicited Invitations being sent by eM Client

My aunt did not intend to send eM Client invitations to the majority of her address book, but it appears that she has triggered that inadvertently. Additionally, none of the invitations appear in her “Sent” box, so not only are we having trouble figuring out exactly who we have to send apologies to… but we’re also now beginning to understand that the program transmits a copy of her address book directly to eM Client Inc, and you send out spam messages on her behalf.

That might be an unforgivable transgression. I was going to purchase a license when she returned from her travel (she’s had this program for less than two weeks)… but the “transmit a list of my contacts to the mothership to spam” as like a default option is just such a dick move. Is there any way we can tell exactly who she’s spammed, or should we just assume it’s everybody?

Hi, I’m sorry to see this, however I can assure you eM Client is not using any part of your Aunt’s address book to send out any other messages, eM Client is a standalone application, for use with your computer and does not send us any data, the only communication between the client application and our servers are during the application startup when the application checks it’s license with our licensing server.

Can you please specify the option you’ve used as I’m not really sure what you’re referring to as the “transmit a list of my contacts to the mothership to spam” option, as I believe such option is not included in eM client.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

Soundstruck meant the option “transmit a list of my contacts to the mothership to spam” of course as a ‘funny’ remark. (I don’t know the right English word…)

That’s about the option in the help-menu: “invite to eM Client” (freely translated from Dutch “uitnodigen naar eM Client”. Paul’s aunt would have to have pressed that option accidentally. Striking though, is the fact that apparently these messages that get send out do not appear in the sent messages folder. Although I have not tried that, because, as much as I love eM Client, I don’t want to tell all my contacts :wink:

Hi Con,

I don’t have the free version of eM Client, so I don’t have the menu option to invite people to eM Client, but I guess that if you would select that menu option, that an e-mail would be generated in which you can add e-mail addresses your self.

I have the Pro version too, and the option is still there! :wink:
But I don’t dare pressing it…!

Hi Con,

You’re right: I also do have the option ‘invite to eM Client’ … I pressed it and then I see a window in which I can select to send an e-mail, Facebook or Twitter message. But based on this thread, I don’t dare to click on the [e-mail] button anymore …

Paul, what will happen if I press the [e-mail] button?

Hi Hans, you’ll have the option to select your contacts and add them to the recipients of the invite message, after you do so, you can select to Send the invite to the selected contacts.


We are a bunch of daredevils! :wink:
If it works like explained I think it is a pretty harmless “feature”.

Thanks Paul,

Indeed, when I press the [e-mail] button, I see a window in which I can select the contacts to which I would like to send an e-mail inviting people to use eM Client.