"Unread" smart folder: "Sent items" and "Trash" also count as unread messages

I use MS Exchange as my main storage. 

From time to time, mails that are still unread end up in the trash. However, these mails are then displayed as unread in the Smart Folders at the Top.

When I mark all Mails as read, the Unread-Counter is decremented by 12.

  • Unread messages should only be counted if they are in the inbox. Or in a folder within the Inbox. I think there should there be at least an according setting for this, but I don’t see any reason, why this is not default behavior. For none of my colleagues the current behavior is considered correct.
  • It would be good if the unread count for “Sent items” and “Trash” as well as “Drafts” were not in a signal color but in a more discreet color. 
  • And while most of the time, items in Trash or Sent or marked as unread by error. If I ever delete a mail without even reading it, I will never come back and read it in Trash. If I send a mail to someone, why would that mail be still considered as unread even if the Sync between eMclient and Exchange went wrong for some reason!?
  • Relatively often the counter at the top shows values that differ from the sum of the messages read from the folders. And that even if I exclude the count from the “Draft” folder.
    Are there any settings that have passed me by that can fix some or all of the issues mentioned here?

I am using version 8 (with Gmail) and here is what I see:
The Unread item in Favorites (formerly Smart Folders) only shows unread items from 

  • Inboxes
  • Sent Items
    Trash, Drafts and Junk Mail are NOT included.
    On your last point, all mine seem to add up.
    I don’t know if my difference in behavior is due to Gmail vs. Exchange or V8 vs. v7.  Maybe a v8 Exchange user can comment.

One thing to note is that these are not always messages that are marked as unread, but conversations that have unread elements. That is why an unread count appears in the Sent folder. A sent message can never be unread, but a conversation can when there is a new reply to the sent message.