Unread smart folder does not auto-update in 5.0.18649


I’ve just updated to 5.0.18649 and the behaviour has changed. This is what I do:

1.- Open Unread smart folder.
2.- Mark mail as read.

As far as I can remember in all the previous versions that have smart folders when I mark a message as read it automatically disappears from the Unread folder. Now I have to change folder and come back. I’ve checked for any additional settings but I can’t find anything.

On folder refresh everything looks OK.



this is not problem but feature requested by many users and we do not plan to switch from this behaviour.

Emails are marked as read so user know he/she has read them and if he/she needs to return to them without finding they stay there.
When user switch to another folder then emails are no longer shown in “Unread” because they are marked as read and are actually read.

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Thanks Jan,

I suppose you can’t keep everyone happy :wink:


Thank you for your understanding.
we are trying to satisfy as much users as we can. But as you have written it is not possible to make fully happy everyone…

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I liked it pre-this latest release, when, even after reading the email from the Smart Folder it would remain in un-read status (bold) until/unless I either read it from the inbox or marked it as read from the Smart Folder (at which point it would disappear from the Smart Folder).

Is this configurable somewhere in settings?


not now, but in 6th version there is planned to be option for this to change.

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John, is there a way (can you tell me how) to revert back to the previous release before this change was made? It’s that frustrating for me. Then I’ll upgrade once ver. 6 comes out.


I am just returning to em Client today and saw this post.
CNET has an older version here:


I don’t know if you recall the version you had previously. Perhaps that version will get you back to where you want to be?

Good luck



Hmm. So, version 5.0.17595 wont open my data file because its been opened in a newer version. It’s forcing me to update to latest version. Any help?

see that - they get you at the drive-thru!!!
If you’re using all IMAP. I’d copy the files someplace for safe keeping.

Then uninstall eM client completely, reboot and then install the older version so it makes new files.

Might be more work than its worth?

yeah, I did back up (I am using IMAP) and did uninstall the newer version. Just didn’t reboot before installing the older version. Not sure if that would make a difference. In searching the forums it seems others have wanted to downgrade and have not been able to either. If you think rebooting will help I’ll try it. But it seems the data files are not backwards compatible.

yeah you’ll have to move the data files to another location, so eM Client creates new files for the older version.


You can’t open database from newer versions in older ones. They are very often technically uncompatible because of new features etc. so we have prevented this by default to overcome issues,

newest public version is 5.0.18661.0 and then we support only this one and for user with older ones we always suggest updating first.


I’m a little disappointed with this changing in the update. I used to be able to breeze through the smart folder for unread emails but now the read ones are still there unless I click out and then back in. I too, would have downgraded because I am finding that it is really bothersome when reading emails.

I just upgraded without seeing all the updates but I wouldn’t have assumed this is something that would have changed. I have also posted about the closing original email on reply. I was really hoping this would be an upgrade.


Close on reply is already implemented in 6th version beta. 

Keeping emails in smart folder even when marked as read is feature implemented because it was very heavily demanded, anyway you always see what emails you have read so there is no problem skipping them.

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Hi Jan,

When I commented about this change a while ago you mentioned the possibility of having an option to enable/disable the old functionality. Did that ever get put onto the wish list?



I am sorry, but it will stay like this. So fat we are satisfied with this feature how it works and there almost none requests for making it optional.
So for now it will not be implemented.

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OK (sigh). Thanks for the response.