Unread Message Highlighting and Date Format

I am new to eM Client and impressed by how well it works with Gmail. Two questions:

  1. It appears that unread messages in my Inbox list are highlighted in bold (black). How can I set a different color/size for unread messages in the list?

  2. How can I change the format of dates (e.g. Received). By default, I get “HH:MMa/p” for today and “Month yyyy” for earlier messages. I would like “MMM-DD HH:MMa/p” for all.


  1. We do not support this, unread messages are shown with yellow envelope with text in black and it fits into eM Client design.

  2. Tools - settings - mail - read and check “show full date”


I have a hard time seeing the bold - I would like unread messages to be better distinguished.

Hi, we do not plan to change this, but you can switch to another Theme and most likely it will be more visible with different colour in background.