Unread mail in sub folder doesn't make parent folder also indcate unread mail

unread mails in sub folders do not make the parent folder bold and showing a number, so when the folders are collapsed you can’t see if you have any unread mail



We are aware of this problem but I cannot provide you any solution at the moment.

It doesn’t show any messages when the folders are expanded either. I like the client, but not seeing ‘unread’ notification in subfolders is very frustrating and time consuming to check each one every time to see if they have new mail by clicking them to get the email counts to update.

You’re aware of the problem for seven months and it hasn’t been fixed… Something as miniscule as this?

Well, I guess I won’t be paying for “Pro” if that’s the best you guys can do.



this will not be implemented, this feature is not as trivial as it looks, that is why we and other email clients does not support this and it is not even planned.