Unread list for custom folders

Does anyone know whether we can create Smart folder which shows only unread emails in specific folders?
In case no such a feature, I’d love to request this feature in eM Client.


Create a new Search Folder.

Use a custom selection for the folders (1) and add the Marked as Unread option (2). You will need to toggle it to ON after adding it.

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Thank Gary.
Is it new version of eM Client?

I’m using Version: 9.2.1222 (ca10485) on Windows11, but no option “Marked as Unread”.


Click on Choose Fields and select the options you want to use.

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Choose “Marked as Unread”?

Got it!
BTW, can we have unread count on that folder name as well as “Unread” folder?

And found Japanese mistranslation for “Choose fields” in that dialog.
How to notify this to eM Client team?