unread items not part of the search

If I search my inbox for an email containing a search term, it is not returned. It is visible in my gmail web based when I search. What seems to happen is if I read the email from somewhere other than EM Client, it is not included in the search, but once I read it IN em client, it is part of the next search.

I am sorry for the late reply - does your problem persist? What version of eM Client are you using?

I am not sure I can tell as I believe I have a new problem. I just downloaded the latest update from 4/12 and when I read an email on my phone, it is not shown as read in em client. It is still bold.

I presume that you use IMAP - we tested it and all messages are synchronized. If your problem still persists, it is a server problem.

I am sorry, but the fact that it takes your company a month to reply shows me that I should not upgrade to the paid version. I have been using Zimbra for a month and find it to be more predictable. - Rob

Hi Rob,
in fact, paying customers are the reason why I replied with delay - I had to reply to them first.

That makes sense, but I am not sure trial users are aware of this. On the paid version, how long does it take to get a response?

When I was a trial user, I had to wait a few days to have an answer. But I can confirm you that it happened a few times to ask help for a problem and I had the reply very quickly. I mean quite immediately.