unread items have to hit delete twice.

when I am in the unread global folder, i have to hit delete twice to delete an unread item.

it’s because after first delete the message is moved to Trash folder so you need to delete it second time (from Trash now). This behavior (Trash items not displayed in some virtual folders) will be corrected to the version 3.1 of eM Client.

any ETA on version 3.1? Just curious.

It will be probably released in couple of months.

Thank you for the quick response Gabriel.

ETA on 3.1? Overdue, from the statements above. Any idea of what the changelog will look like? I hope “Close on Reply” is included, at long last.

at the end of week we will have first beta-version that will be vastly tested and official release (it was renumbered to version 3.5) is planned to be in maximally two weeks after that.

Detailed changelog:

  • support for import of categories in Outlook import
  • ability to choose destination tree folder during imports
  • apply all rules
  • capitalize first letters of sentence
  • zoom in main messages view
  • tabulator behaviour in editor
  • do not show items from Trash and Spam in communication history
  • fix saved search folders for non-mail items
  • aliases for an account
  • fix for inserting link on shared drives
  • check for file existing when saving multiple attachments
  • ask when moving a folder
  • add signature at cursor’s location in new message compose window
  • improved help (added shortcuts)
  • embedding images into signatures
  • highlight of telephones/emails/address that are filled out in contact form
  • Address Book importing from OE
  • security warnings and fixes when opening file:// links
  • add “Send email” to context menu of a contact item
  • rename “Move to Spam” to “Move to Junk”
  • fix memory handling on large attachments
  • export of tasks, contacts, calendars
  • first name/last name display selection in contact list
  • add checkbox to folder properties to exclude arbitrary folder from communication history (i.e. Archive with some autodetection)
  • support for downloading whole mails (workaround bug in Gmail IMAP)
  • selectable special folders
  • show tasks in calendar per folder, show mails in communication history per folder
  • hide past events button
  • complete IMAP ACL support
  • show messages from: yesterday, 7 days etc. in chat window
  • add Task button to message window that creates todo from the email (similarly to Event button)
  • upcoming events and Birthdays box
  • Invite to eM Client button
  • suggestions for contacts with diacritics + upper case combinations
  • case insensitive search for contacts
  • calendar granularity optimizations
  • brand new initial wizard
  • a lot of fixes and small feature requests