unread folder messages disappearing while being read.

I usually read my messages in the unread folder. then click another folder and come back to unread in order to refresh the list ( why doesn’t the refresh button do this?). How ever, recently I have found that as soon as I start reading a message ( in the unread folder) is disappears and I have to hunt for it in the main inbox. this really sucks.


can you please describe which Unread folder do you have in mind?
If it is Unread smart folder then this behavior is absolutely normal and you have to look for emails in specific account folder.
Sorry if I misunderstood you, please clarify it for me and we will find a solution.

what is the point of the UNREAD (smart) folder? I would think to let you read what has not been read. To show me a list of items, then make an item disappear as soon as I start reading it is just plain stupid. I cannot think of any use for the unread folder if this is the intended behavior.

It only disappears after you change folders away from the unread folder.  It does not disappear as you are reading them.