Unread e mails

How can I view unread e mails only in inbox

Open eM Client, go to Tools - Settings and check “Show Global folders”. Then you will be able to see all unread emails in the Global unread folder.

I wish to show unread e mails only.

Right click on a global folder, click Display and uncheck all items you do not want to display.

Does not make sense!! I only to see those messages displayed that I have not read.

I think we do not understand each other. When you open the “Unread” folder you can see all the messages that you have not read, or am I missing anything?

Got it at last!! Thank you!

Hi, is there an option in eclient to have unread first in inbox only? i had this feature in mac for years and i am very use to it
pls let me have your reply at rishi@kova.in