Unread e-mail count next to Tags and Search Folders

Would it be possible to get the option to show unread e-mail count next to Tags and Search Folders in the sidebar?

Use case: If you tag e-mails where you might be waiting for a reply, or certain e-mails are for a particular project where you need to see updates, etc, having an unread count next to those Tags would easily let you see updates to those sorts of e-mails.

Or you create a Search Folder for some Tags, and you want to be able to see when new e-mail comes in to that. Right now, it does not show an unread count, so you don’t know there are new e-mails matching those tags you created a Search Folder for.

The problem right now is you have to keep clicking the Tag or Search Folder to see if there are new e-mails under them.


Just looking at this, is this in fact a bug?

On the Android beta, you do get unread counts. And I understand the app is meant to act the same as desktop.

Sorry to ping you, @Gary , but do you think this is a bug instead?

On the Android beta, you do get unread counts

So you get the unread count “next to Tags and Search folders” on the eM Client droid app ?

Can you do an example screenshot of that from the app in this thread.

I haven’t seen that on the droid app and only get the unread number / count of the right of Unread under Favorites on the app like the desktop.


I don’t have Search Folders set, but you can see here it working for Tags. Which is good! I wish it did on Desktop.


I don’t have Search Folders set, but you can see here it working for Tags

Ok cool. Did you set an option or rule in the app to enable that next to Tags ?

No, they are just there. I can’t see an option for it in either Android or Windows. But hopefully this means it can come to the Windows program.

Hi @Gary . Sorry to ping you again. Do you think this is a bug, considering it works on Android, so I should get the topic changed to a bug report, or has it never been available on Windows, so should stay as a feature request?

Dobrý den,

rád bych požádal, zda by bylo možno přidat počet nepřečtených e-mailů i pro složky hledání. Mám zde vyfiltrované vždy pouze některé složky z konkrétního účtu, ale na první pohled v tomto zobrazení nevidím, zda jsou zde nějaké e-maily nepřečtené.

Děkuji mnohokrát.

Ing. Lukáš Kubata

We will do this for tag folders in version 10 on the desktop, but not yet for Search Folders.


That’s great that it’s on the radar at least. Thanks!

Any sort of ETA on this as I have just setup some custom tags and workflows now but realised I have no way of knowing if there are new messages in the tags :frowning: