Unread count

still broken…i reloaded the client and cleared the folders out, cleaned registry and the unread count was fine at first but now its incorrect…please fix this, isnt a problem in ver 6…thanks guys.


We’ll be releasing a new version in the upcoming days that will fix the issue with unread counts. Keep an eye on our forums and our blog for the announcement!


This does not look to be solved in the current version

Hello Christian,
what version are you currently running? Can you please post the full number from the Menu>Help>About section?


Please see attached, downloaded yesterdag.

Keeps saying 5 items in my inbox are unread and also (very strange) in my sent items (4 items).

When right clicking the folder properties the number of unread messages is 0…
Next to that, a lot of sent emails in my eM Client show as duplicates in my sent items on my Exchange webmail as well as in my Outlook 2016 Client, those duplicates show as a ‘draft’ but do not appear in my drafts folder.

And last but no least all my task emails are now blank in Outlook 2016 showing none in start date, reminder time and due date (also the task itself is blank). They show as ‘normal’ but duplicate emailseM Client (hidden a bit because of the conversation view). Strange thing is the reminders (when a time is hit) do show up in Outlook.

Well unread count mistery is solved, some emails were marked as unread in my mailbox although not showing up in the unread folders or whatsoever. Strange thing is that one of them had this sender address : nobody@invalid.invalid

Still stuck with the task issue and the duplicate issue.

Duplicate issue seems to be sorted now. This did the trick.