Unread Count Part II

I have posted before about this problem, but no suggestions worked and my willingness to get the paid subscription kind of turns on this. The problem only appears on one on my PCs, and it is this – the Unread folder counter seems to have no relation to anything I can figure, and it ALWAYS indicates some (large) number of entries. Sometimes one email will appear in the folder, but the count is in the 100s. Similarly, sometimes there are a number of folder entries, I select all of them and mark them as unread, the count goes to 0 momentarily, and then a large number appears, with no folder entries. Any suggestions?

It seems that there is some corruption. You could right-click on your account folder and choose Properties > Repair. If that doesn’t work, just delete the database and start again. Close eM Client and delete C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder.

Or, if you have the same accounts setup on both computers, backup on the one that is working and restore on the other.

I am really at a loss. First, the Unread folder doesn’t have properties, so I couldn’t try that. But I did delete the folder, as you suggested, and the same erroneous Unread folder was recreated, having no relation to anything as far as I can tell. Any more ideas?

Is it the same email account on both PCs?

Same account – an MSN account & a gmail account – same as on both

Uninstall eM Client and delete the database as before. Install the latest version from http://www.emclient.com/release-history and add your accounts again.

My instinct was right – that also didn’t work, after uninstalling and deleting the folder; and against my better judgment, I ran CCleaner’s Registry too, which cleaned out a few leftover eM entries before I reinstalled. I also noticed that even after adding only one account, the same problem occurred.

That is odd.

A better way to ensure that you get all the leftover bits is to use something like Revo. After the uninstall you run a scan which does a pretty good job of cleaning.

Is there a version of this software that has a  Properties > Repair. option?

This option is available in all versions of eM Client, but can only be applied to IMAP folders and synced calendars and contacts.

When you right-click on an account folder and choose Properties > Repair it effectively deletes the local cache and downloads the items again from the server.