Unread count needs to be totaled up to parent folders and per account.

For a product that supports multiple accounts, it comes up a bit short. You obviously added code to show the unread count in a folder and even child folders one level deep, but why on earth would you stop there? Folders more than one level deep and even per account should also be showing the total unread message count as well.

Absolutely agree!
Most of the time I’ve got my subfolders collapsed and don’t notice that there are new messages available (after a rule move new messages into those subfolders).

Hi Adrian, Hi Mike, the unread count is displayed for each folder separately, no matter on what level the subfolder is, if there’s an unread message located in the folder, the unread count should be displayed.

Unfortunately it is not possible to enable unread count of subfolders in the parent folder, however we’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client which should include the read/unread count on the top of the main window. You can also setup search folders, which will display the unread count for selected folders for the search folder.

To do so enable search folders by right clicking one of your smart folders and select Display > search folders.

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if you are going to determine the unread message of a parent folder and its subfolders to display that counter on the main window, why is it not possible to display the very same counter on the parent folder itself?

Assuming the iteration through the subfolders will be the same process, I could imagine to get the counter twice: on parent folders and somewhere on the main window as you mentioned in your post.

Hi again, each folder displays it’s own number of unread items. It is not possible to add/subtract the unread count based on parent folders.


You obviously don’t get it. If you manage 10+ email accounts, it’s not feasible to have them all opened to scan them all to see where you may have an unread email.
The logic is pretty simple. If a treeview item (folder/account) is COLLAPSED, show the total unread count on the collapsed folder for all subfolders. This includes if the ROOT account folder/item is collapsed. This way a user that has multiple accounts can keep all the accounts collapsed in the tree and only dig into an account if it has unread messages anywhere inside it. And for you to say it’s not possible is ridiculous. We’re not asking how to do it with the current version. We know it doesn’t do it. That’s why this is a request/idea for it’s functionality to be modified/improved.
Anyways, he’s an example image that should help. Keep in mind that many of these accounts have several subfolders so expanding them would make it impossible to see them all on a monitor.

Possible is a strong word. Of course it’s possible. Postbox does this. When you collapse a folder, it shows the total unread within in. When you expand it, it stop shows the total unread. If item is parent and collapse, show total unread. If item is child show unread. If item is parent and expanded, show unread.

Count me in for this feature, As I understand email clients this is BASIC.

In the past I have had emails in a subfolder for weeks not noticing them until it was late to take actions on them… I mean, not having this feature costed me MONEY!, because I lost the customer.

I have a lot of cathegories for my mail, I usually use different email account for different things and I have subfolders in each of those email accounts. If I have an unread email in a subfolder I need it to show in the parent folder count of unread emails (At least when the view is collapsed).

And please, don’t tell me is not possible to do it, Thunderbird does it, Postbox does it… for God’s Sake even Outlook does it!.

If I have an unread mail count I don ́t want to dive to find where that mail is located.

As I previously mentioned eM Client does not use the unread count you’re referring to, unread count is displayed for each folder individually, you can setup a search folder to display unread count for selected folders.

As I previously mentioned, we’re currently working on an upcoming release that will include an improved UI, with changes to unread count status display as well.

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If it’s hard to add up the unread count for each subfolder when the parent folder is collapsed (although I don’t understand why), then a simple bullet marker against the parent folder to say there are unread messages somewhere in the collapsed tree would at least tell us to take a look! If it’s easier to implement, then the marker could stay even when the tree is opened up.

The moment I thought I’m finally free from Outlook to find out after 6 years this feature is not there yet, this is too sad to me as I (until now) very happy with eM.