Unravelling e-mails with the same heading

The EmClient lumps together all messages with the same heading. This has some merits when viewing but I cannot find a way to reply to, or maybe just forward, one of those messages without the entire string of messages being sent. For example I may get a dozen replies to a message tiled (for arguments sake) ‘Travel to Arras’. One or more of the responses may divert from the subject and I want to reply to that (those) message(s) only without sending the whole string. How can I isolate a message and respond to that only?

Perhaps turning off conversations would serve you better

I think that disabling conversations alone won’t solve the problem completely. One still has to delete manually any previous “unrelated” text/mail.
I don’t see any clear way to do this unless you combine it with selecting “Do not include original text message” in Settings > Mail > Replies and forwards > General.

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