Unintuitive minimum window size

eM Client appears to apply an arbitrary minimum main window size. This provides a poor user experience.

I think users should have the flexibility to resize windows however they want, so long as the window is still usable. However, in eM Client, you can shrink the two panels on the left and right sides of the main window, but you still can’t shrink the main window despite there being plenty of room to do so.

This also causes the program to not work with Windows 7 & 8’s side docking feature, which is annoying. For example, on a small screen such as a laptop screen, I tried to dock one window to the left and eM Client to the right, but I couldn’t because of the minimum window size.

Tools - Settings - Mail - Read - uncheck “Use compact layout …”

Doing that didn’t make any difference.

It is really strange - I can shrink the main window without any problems. Can you send me a screenshot? Or I could connect through Teamviewer and try to sort it out.

Based on what you’ve said, I suspect you might be referring to the content area inside the eM Client main window. The “main window” I’m referring to is the program’s top-level window.

Here’s a screenshot of the window at it’s minimum size. As the screenshot demonstrates, there is still plenty of room for the window’s size to be reduced even more.

I see now, I have discussed it with our developers and they told me that they will not change it because of possible layout problems.