Unintuitive behaviour when dealing with over-sized e-mails

Steps to reproduce:
-Try to send an e-mail that is larger than the maximum size allowed by the SMTP server. (25MB is Gmail’s current maximum.)
-Delete the message from the outbox.

eM Client continually tries to send the file to the Gmail Bin folder. This results in an error message each time eM Client starts:

The file appears to be hidden within eM Client. Even if I do a search across all folders, it can’t be found. However, when I try to do so, it displays a notification saying 1 additional items found in junk and trash. Using the notification, I can view the e-mail (and delete it), but it definitely is not in any of my junk or trash folders.

This is too much work to simply tell eM Client not to try to send an over-sized e-mail. I think you should not be warned, penalised or inconvenienced any more than one time (the original error message) for making this mistake, but eM Client does so in multiple ways:

  1. Shows the message about it being too large. (Acceptable)

  2. Secretly tries to re-send the message to the server.

  3. Produces an error every time eM Client is started.

  4. Hides the e-mail in an inaccessible location.

If you had deleted the message from Outbox permanently you would not have had this problem. You need to realize how IMAP works!

  1. Thanks; I hadn’t realised that eM Client had functionality to permanently delete e-mails. It certainly isn’t obvious from the user interface. Even when I press Shift+Delete, the confirmation dialog is still the same. This seems like a hidden feature. I think the program should visually offer this functionality to users rather than hiding it.

  2. It still seems illogical to me that eM Client secretly tries to send the message to Google even though Google has already advised that it’s too big.

  3. You haven’t directly addressed eM Client hiding e-mails that were deleted from the outbox. I consider this a flaw in eM Client.

  4. Can you please be more specific about what I need to realise about IMAP?

2, 3, 4) All these points are related. eM Client moved the deleted message to Trash folder and since IMAP mirrors all your local data on the server eM Client tried to upload the message to the server.

Surely eM Client can control which messages it sends to Google. By saying this and that I need to realise how IMAP works, you seem to be implying that your developers can’t make eM Client control this. I would consider that a flaw of the developers rather than IMAP.

However, I don’t think this part of our discussion is helping the issue.

I already understand that eM Client has moved the message from the Outbox to a hidden location (which you are calling Trash), which it tries to synchronise with the server.

I already have already figured out that eM Client is doing this. I have reported this issue because it’s not intuitive and it’s a problem.

Are you implying that you don’t consider this a problem?

It is not hidden folder - Bin/Trash folder is standard folder which should be displayed in all mail accounts.
As deleting of something usually moves the deleted file to Bin, we will not change it and we do not even think this is problem.