Unintended Calendar Invites

I realized this morning that I have been unintentionally sending out calendar invites to contacts.

Sometimes when I get an email that has a specific deadline, I will drag that email to my calendar and set up a reminder.

I realized this morning, that EM Client is automatically including the email address of the person that sent me the email, and including them on the event.

I found out because someone send me a decline on one of my reminders.

Is there a way I can turn this off?  I did not realize it was doing it because the attendees are on a different tab.  I don’t want to have to remember to delete attendees every time.  And will that send them a notification when I delete them?

Hi Barbara,
I must disappoint you, because this functionality is actually by design - if you make an event from an emails, it is assumed the person who contacted you is part of it.
If you remove the attendee before saving the event, no notification should be sent. Though, when you save an event, there should always be a window asking you if you want to send emails to the attendees, and you should be able to just choose ‘Don’t send invites’.

Alternatively though, I think the best would be to make the email into Task rather than Event, as that one will be always strictly just for you. (If you right click the message in the Mail section the options to Create Task/Event from message will appear in the drop down menu, so you can just choose to make it into task instead).

Best regards,

Shoot, no because sometimes the emails are about a meeting or an appointment.

And no I never got the window about the attendees, unless I make a change later. 

Anyway you all could change that in the future?