Uninstalling eM Client v8, insufficient privileges for System.Collections.Concurrent.dll

My version 8 is not starting, it was updated from v7 yesterday.

I try to uninstall my newly updated version 8 to be able to install the old-and-working v7, but no luck…

During uninstall of v8 I get an error message for “The Installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file: C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\System.Collections.Concurrent.dll”

What to do?

Best Regards

What OS are you using?
How did you try to uninstall V8?
Try re-booting your device and uninstalling again.

Sorry, Win7

Uninstalling (Or more correct, trying to…) through control panel -> Remove program

Can’t quite remember back to Win 7 I’m afraid but this might help get rid of the rogue dll.