Uninstalled EmClient before reinstall and now my emails are gone

I had a folder setup in emclient where I placed all my important emails. I recently stopped receiving emails into my inbox. In an attempt to fix this I uninstalled the client and installed it again. However now my mail folder with important emails in is gone. How do I find/recover these emails?

If you are using Gmail  check Gmail by logging into gmail using a browser , go to settings (looks like a wheel )  select Labels  and make sure the folders have the SHOW IN IMAP checked for the folders that you want to appear in emclient.  If you have another service like yahoo hotmail  check their settings  but I am not familiar with them.   If you used LOCAL FOLDERS  Make sure that parameter is turned on in emclient .  
for Release 7
General       check show local folders
Hopes that helps

were these important emails saved locally?
Have you perhaps changed your database location for eM Client and the new install paired to the default location (which was empty)?