I need to do a restore on my computer so once I do that I will lose eM-Client when I re-install it will I have all my contacts, email ect back?

I’m not sure what you mean by “a restore”.  If you mean that you’re going to have to do a complete new installation of Windows, that will erase everything on your C: drive, so you’ll have to start again.  However, you can protect your files before you restore.

Make sure that you make a copy of the relevant eMClient data files first!

Their exact location depends on the version of Windows you are using; if it’s Windows 7, you’ll find the files in C:\users(your name)\app data\roaming\emclient    If you can’t see that path, you may be running with the default settings for Windows where it hides the system files, so you will have to adjust the settings in the Windows Explorer tso that you can see the directories.

That directory contains all the files for eMClient.  There may also be a file called “settings.xml”.  If you have told eMClient that you want to place your data files somewhere other than in the default directory, that path will be shown in the “settings.xml” file  If so, make sure you copy those files; those are the ones that contain your data.

Then, when you re-install a fresh copy of eMC after your restore, all you’ll have to do is to copy those copied files into the database directory, and you should be good to go.

I’m not an eMClient support person, so I’d wait for an answer from one of them, but that is the procedure I carried out when I restored my system, and it worked fine.

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Hello Dawn, you can back up your whole database including your account and application settings and your data using the built-in backup feature in File > Backup, this tool will make an archive copy of your database data that you can safely move to another computer or an external drive to keep as a backup of your database.

Once you finish reinstalling the computer, or want to restore from the backup, install eM Client on your new Windows installation and select File > Restore, and eM client should restore from the existing backup.

However note, that backups are automatically selected from the backup folder that you can setup in your application settings in Tools > Settings > Automatic Backup, this is also the directory where your original Backup will be located once the Backup process is finished.

Hope this helps,