Unifying All Email Accts Including All Folders


I have Em Client setup with my accounts unified for viewing, but it only unifies the inboxes, read and flagged categories. Is there a means to have the folders/categories like deleted, spam/junk, etc to all be unified as well?


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I had to create manually search folders for this. I don’t know why it’s not a standard feature and implemented already.

I’m not sure how you are setup. Under favorites, I’ve got all basic folders for all accounts. Any other folder can be added with a right click.

To quote the help file:

Favorite Folders are folders that contain Inbox , Outbox , Sent , Drafts , Junk Email, Unread and Flagged messages and from all accounts that are active

I don’t know why you are not seeing this.

Hi and thnx for ther reply.

Yes that works, but it shoiuld unify by default instead of having to set that up. Anyway, after doing that I find that it’s a bit cumbersome to empty trash or junk emails on the fly as I have to click adn expand the function to empty the folders. As much as I think Outlook is the best program still, I am very disappointed in their lack of support. They don’t reply back to a ticket they acknowledged as they opened it and still no reply after I followed up. So, spending $70/year for their office products is no longer an option when considering.

Anyway, while eM Client is really great in many areas, it should be more seamless at setting a default when choosing viewm imifying accoutn s etc. For now I am using Minspring and giving thty a go. It si great in that it auotmatically crearted a unified section inclused all of the folder. Wehn I clink on the jiunk folder, for example, it has the “Empty Folder” button option already there at the top of the email list under “Junk”, like this example (Note the junk folder is highlighted green to express having focus.) I’m still on board with purchasing eM Client and I like how it’s customizable in many ways. But the first for me is simplicity and for now I am getting that. (upload://eYyCPKsMbz2fpMtdqrs24i00EuH.jpeg)junk

If you right-click on the Junk folder in eM Client, you get an option to empty it (without actually entering the folder - which is a good thing because you really don’t want to have to see the Junk like you do in your screenshot, before you can empty it.)

Thnx for the reply.

I know that, but I want to see that list. I have specific email accounts that I use when opening new accounts with websites (like thos one) or starting off with businesses to get a sense of if they are sharing my info and I get spammed. Sometimes those emails are imprortant ones. Even Outlook shows the junk.

May be having a choice to see them would be a good option. But even then, one has to hover/click on the folder, then choose “empty”, whereas I currently just hit the button once.