Unexpected end of stream 2

After several years of happy use with Em Client, all at once I can neither send nor receive email. When I open Em Client, the authentication fails due to the following reason: “Unexpected end of stream”. And tells me it is caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect server settings.

The condition has continued now for several days, so it is not temporary. This is an AOL email account. I have verified settings to agree with aol’s instructions. I have changed passwords. Running the account diagnostics resulted in failures for both POP3 (server not responding) and SMTP (failed); attempts to fix both POP3 and SMTP failed. Turning off the firewall made no difference. I have explored the EmClient forum and tried suggestions without success.

The release history page at https://www.emclient.com/ has an option which allows the installation to be repaired. When I start it for my version, it ends prematurely because of an error. The error is not specified.

How can I fix the problem ?

Em Client version is 8.2.1659
Windows 10 version 21H1

If you have been doing eM Client backups either automatically or manually, you could try restoring a recent backup and see if that resolves the issue. Click “Menu / File Restore”.

If still a problem after @cyberzork suggestion:

(1) Run eMC backup (MENU > BACKUP)
(2) Completely disable any VPN, anti-virus, firewall, or proxy
(3) Uninstall eMC while NOT deleting the database, reinstall with current v8 from HERE

I have uninstalled and re-installed. When I start to set up the account with AOL I am given the message “Server found but authentication failed. Check email and password”. I checked password at both emClient and AOL. What can I do next ?


You could read the following two pages (they are in French):