undo update

Hi. I recently installed eM Client, and was able to use it right away with my new email address. Also imported folders and hundreds of emails from Thunderbird. I could juggle between accounts no problem.
This morning I had an alert from eM about a new update, so I accepted. It’s wiped the whole lot and looks like it’s reinstalled the program. I’m having to import everything again from my new email address. Annoying, but not a disaster. But my old email address has now expired, so I can’t import that data from Thunderbird. And that is a major problem. It’s one of the virgin.net emails that TalkTalk no longer support.
Is there any way to go back to yesterday’s settings prior to the update, so I can get all my old folders back? Should I try System Restore? (I’m on Windows 8).

Hello Stuart,
have you made any backups of your eM Client databse previously? Either the automatic Backup from settings or manual from File>Backup?
What version are you currently running? Check the Help>About section for full version number.

If you updated to version 7, I suggest trying the Menu>File>Import>Import from version 6 and see if your missing data is not loaded.
If it’s not and you made a Backup of your version 6 database, I suggest uninstalling version 7, installing version 6 from our page and then using the File>Restore option to pull your data back.

If you have not made any backups, I am afraid I cannot assist you. Though a System restore from a time eM Client worked might help.