Undo not working in Gmail Inbox

There is a problem with the “Undo Blue Button” or “Ctrl+Z” with Gmail Inboxes and the eM Client even in the latest build of eM Client V8.1.1060 for Windows that i (have replicated) over and over on two different Win 10 computers and two different Gmail accounts.

If you delete an email from a Gmail Inbox within eM Client and click the “Blue Undo” button or press “Ctrl+Z”, the email you just deleted appears back in the Gmail Inbox for only 1-2secs and then only shows in “All Mail” ? You then have to drag it back from All Mail to your Gmail Inbox.

Note:- If i delete emails via both Inboxes (in Gmail online via the web) and click undo on the web they do go back to the Inbox and stay in the Inbox. It’s only eM Client that has this undo issue.

Thank you @cyberzork.
I didn’t do extensive testing but what I came up to after few tests on 2 different Gmail accounts. I did this using v8.1.1054 on a Windows 10 X64 laptop.

  1. ‘Undo Blue Button’ seems to work perfectly and as expected on my regular plain Gmail account.
  2. The Undo button or Ctrl+Z works exactly as you described it on my domain name email account using Google G-Suite.

I’ll do more testing later.

I think Gmail undo problem is maybe something to do with the way eg: Google Labels work (at the Google mailbox end) when you press undo.

So even though eM Client does the undo back to the inbox label ok, Google at the mailbox end is for (reasons unknown) then changing the label again so it only then shows up only in All Mail.

Sounds like extra programming to eM Client is maybe needed to allow for whatever Google does after the email appears back in the inbox.

This happens with our personal Gmail accounts.

I wonder if this anomolly happens with other mail clients or is it just an eM Client problem ?

I did some more testing this morning with 4 different Gmail accounts (including 2 with G-suite) on 2 different PCs. My results confirm my previous findings.

I’m not an IT person so I can’t start speculating about these findings. I’m counting on you guys. You are way more knowledgeable than me.