Undo Delete Ctrl-Z did not work. Thank you

I am using version 7.2.36908.0

I accidentally deleted the emails in my inbox. This is not a gmail account. it is a roadrunner account

I tried CtrlZ, menu-edit-undo and nothing works.

They are not in trash.

Please help! Thank you!

Usually any deleted mail for a non eg: Imap / Exchange cloud account etc will go into the “Trash Folder” under "Local Folders right at the (Bottom Left) of eM Client as per example screenshot below.

If Local folders are not showing, go to “Menu / Settings / General” as in the below example and click / select “Local Folders”. Then apply & ok.

If the deleted email is not in the Trash folder of Local Folders, then suggest to try doing a “Restore of eM Client” via “Menu / File / Restore” if you had Automatic backups enabled or did EMC backups.

Note:- Before you try a Restore, do a Backup of eM Client, via “Menu / File / Backup” incase you have any problems and need to revert back to your current version.

If you haven’t done any previous eM Client backups and cannot restore eM Client database, then hopefully you have a recent eg: Computer Image backup and can restore your entire computer.

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If it is any easier, you can also add the Trash Favorite folder. That will show combined trash from all folders, including Local and IMAP.

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