UNDO Archiving?

I did a backup then tried out archiving and lost a lot of emails I wanted to keep.

Then I made things worse by restoring, but it did not bring back the archived and lost items.

Finally, using Macrium reflect, I restored my c drive to last nights daily image. Even this did not get me back to where I was yesterday.

My ISP tried to restore, but the items had gone off the server.

I am now out of ideas.

Is there anyway, even manually, I can restore these lost items?

Any help would be very much appreciated. I promise never to try the automatic archive again.

If you are using Gmail, the archiving simply removes the inbox flag and they reside in the All Mail folder.  You can manually copy them back to the inbox.  With other email systems, they are copied into local folders.  Make sure you have show local folders on by going to menu/tools/settings/general/general and check “Show local folders”.  They should appear at the bottom of your folder pane.  They can then be manually copied back into the appropriate mail folder.

Thank you.  I am using 123-REG not gmail, and they can not help as the messages are no longer on the server.

I restored C drive again, and did the show local folders you suggested, but the missing mails were not there.

Doing an image restore, I would have expected them to be in their original folders. 

Just after the restore, if I am quick and select a folder that has had the archive do its thing, I can see, very briefly, the original line items.  However, as the sync proceeds, they disappear quickly.  It almost seems that if I could start emclient without it syncing, after an image restore, I might actually get to it.  However, that is a catch22 situation.

Please don’t waste to much time and effort thinking about this, after a whole day messing around I am almost ready to give up.  However, as I hate mysteries, I would welcome any other ideas.  The data is on my c drive somewhere, but where?

Thank you.