Undisclosed Recipients in PGP Encrypted Email


I have been using eM client for awhile now but I have recently started encrypting my emails using PGP.

However, I noticed when I send an encrypted email to multiple recipients and when they view the email, they only see themselves as the recipient. The other recipients are marked as “undisclosed”. 

With this, its hard for them to do a reply all email.

Can you please advise?

Thank you.

Benjamin Lai

One thing that I thought of is that the recipient will not be able to send an encrypted reply to all in the list unless they have the public keys for everyone you sent the message to. Maybe that is why the recipients are undisclosed, so that the reply is not sent un-encrypted.

Hi Gary,

I did a test with 2 eM clients and 3 email accounts, and added the certificates on each client as well. I sent a couple of test emails but still encountered the same issue… any ideas?

Well, when you send the email eM Client doesn’t know that the recipients all have each other’s public keys, so maybe this is why it is sent as BCC.

Hopefully an eM Client employee can provide some clarity. If you have a Pro License, you could open a support ticket and get feedback directly from the developers.