Understanding Licenses for Pro version

Hello, I am waiting for an answer prior to subscribing to the Pro version of eM Client. My question is: Can I download the client on 2 laptops and if I do, is this regarded as 2 licenses?

Hello, eM Client has a strict one license per computer policy so if you’d like to use the application on multiple devices, you need to obtain a license for each of your computers and activate the product. If you’d like to purchase a PRO license you can select the number of computers on the pricing page and purchase a multi-license for all your computers.

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If I was to install PRO version on 2 machines, do I need 2 licenses? Also, once I have paid for both, is there an annual renewal amount I will have to pay? Or is this the only amount I will have to pay for the license? Can I use the product AFTER the annual anniversary of the installation (and payment ) of the PRO version?

By purchasing a single license, you’re entitled to one year of support, however you will be able to use the license key with the application as long as you need, however unless you purchase lifetime upgrades or a future upgrade to upcoming releases, you will only be able to use the current release (eM Client 6), e.g. the one you register the license for.