Undelete google calendar?

I accidentally deleted one of my google calendars from emclient - is there a way to restore or undo this? Such as by from an archive/backup file? thanks!

Unfortunately Google does not provide any way to restore a deleted calendar, and eM Client does not save it to Trash.

But there is a way, using backups.

  1. Backup your current eM Client.
  2. Disconnect you PC from the Internet.
  3. Restore a previous backup that had the calendar.
  4. Export the lost calendar. Menu > File > Export > Export events to ics files. Select the calendar you want and export all the events into a single file.
  5. Restore the backup you made in step 1.
  6. Reconnect to Internet.
  7. Import the calendar from step 4. Menu > File > Import > iCalendar(ics). Select the file you exported to. Select the folder to import into, or create a new calendar folder.