A pop-up window appears with the message “Server says Unauthorized” whenever i open and use eMClient… However I am able to send and receive mails… I tried all port numbers for IMAP and SMTP settings…Glad if someone could help get rid of this error…

what version of eM Client are you using? Are there any error messages showing up?
How often does this windows pop-up?


I`m getting the same thing for my yahoo account, I just downloaded the newest version from your website yesterday, and everytime I open or I try to check for messages the error message pops up but when I look behind the error message I see all my emails, somehow it is getting my emails I can see them in list, somehow that error message might be some sort of bug. I had to uninstall eM Client for now, and I will reinstall once that gets fixed

Hi, if you’re using yahoo, can you try disabling your calendar and contacts services in Tools > Accounts, this might temporarily solve the issue.
We’re having some compatibility issues with the service.

Hopefully this works for you,
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I did what you said, and I still keep getting the error message, but I`ll try to deal with it until there is a fix for it, but thank you for trying

Hi again, thank you, I hope we’ll have a solution for this issue soon,


Hi again,
solution seems quite simple and I can’t believe we haven’t found it sooner.
If you receive the popup “unauthorized” window, just delete the @yahoo.com domain from the username and check the “save password” option.

The issue should be solved by this and you should be able to use your Calendar and Contacts again as well.

Thank you for your input on this issue and sorry for the inconvenience,

I keep getting Im offline message, it wont download messages until i`m back online, even though my internet connection is always online, i been getting that since the beginning as well

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of this error message?

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That’s what you guys told me some months ago, and I did, but I still get the message constantly even tho the email account is working fine in the background. Any new solutions?

Hi Lora, this is unfortunately due to some changes Yahoo keeps making to it’s account settings.
I believe your current issue will be caused by the CalDAV and CardDAV URL address.

Go to Tools > Account > Your Yahoo account > Calendar, and setup this address:
as your Calendar (CalDAV) URL address.

Then please switch to the Contacts tab under your account settings and change the URL there to:

Hope this helps,