Unauthorized in CalDav / CardDav during setup

Hello, I am new to eM Client but am having trouble with getting it setup. I have transferred all of my contacts and calendar into eMClient, now I want to get it to synch with icloud. I have created and entered the app specific password but keep getting the message back that says “unautherized” ??? This is in the CardDav and CalDav area. Just what is CarDav and CardDav? all I want to synch with icloud is my contacts and calendar, then I need to synch my email with Comcast. Help !!! Thank you


CarDav is for contacts and CalDav is the calendar. You need an account with those 2 to sync with iCloud stuff. While you can do this with a single account with mail (IMAP or POP then cal/cardav too) many including me use 2 accounts to keep it simple; one for mail only, the 2nd for calendar/contacts. They will all 3 sync with the Apple world.

First, you have your main mail acct using your email provider’s login credentials. The mail tab is, of course, enabled but caldav and carddav are NOT enabled.  If you enable these but have the p/w field blank or wrong you get that error msg.

Then for iCloud syncing, you use the 2nd account but don’t enable the IMAP/SMTP tab, only enable General, caldav and cardav. Then in the password field use your new app-specific Apple password. Use your same email you use for your appleID which I assume is the same as for the main email account. I think it has to be, not positive.

When you see the error you’re getting one account or the other thinks you have the wrong password. I’ve seen that error at least a thousand times in recent years including when Apple initiated the app specific password thing around the middle of  June and doing the above fixed it.

Thank you ejp, this looks like a good direction to try. However, one question first…
I was going to delete the single account that I was trying to setup and then create seperate ones as you suggested but when I go to delete the existing account it asks me " are you sure you want to delete account xxxxxxx. Warning: deleting an account will also locally remove all folders and items in this account tree" . Does that mean it will delete all of my calendar events and my contacts? 
I will wait for reply before I do anything further, thanks again.

Gene, I’m thinking “yes” it will. Do you have a populated calendar and contacts list in spite of the authentication error msg?  If you are happy with the email, calendar, and contacts you have, I’d suggest you do an export backup first before moving forward just to be safe.

But try this too. Don’t delete the old account just yet. You can have two active accounts with the free version of eMC but more than two inactive accounts. Many more are allowed with the pay version (I have the free version of v6xxx). It will allow you to retain your problematic account while creating the 2 new ones (1 for mail, the 2nd for contacts/calendar). Go ahead and create the new accounts, make the email one your “primary” email account and disable (uncheck boxes) in the old account. Then you can always go back. But still do the export anyway for worse case recovery. Be sure you write down where the export went, as it may be hard to find later.

I did this with creating a temp POP3 account (I use IMAP) in an attempt to fix a weird problem with multiple nested folder structures I can’t seem to delete from the Yahoo  IMAP server. The experiment failed, but I learned you can create multiple accounts but can only have 2 active at a given time.

I had a similar problem. If the account is an old @me.com account then you need to set up the iCloud account using @me.com.

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