Unable to whitelist email addresses

eM has a blacklist filter but no way I can find to add an “approved” address. This has become an issue in that eM is throwing good (and important) emails into the Junk folder.

When I check the blacklist rules these addresses are not in the list. How do I get eM to stop considering them as spam?

eM Client has no spam detection ability, so no need of a whitelist.

The only way eM Client can move messages to your Junk folder is if you have added either the address or domain to your Blacklist yourself. But there is no point in adding the address to a Blacklist, and then adding the same address to a whitelist. Just remove the address or domain from the Blacklist Rule. If the address or domain are not in your Blacklist, then it is not eM Client doing the moving.

Rather it is your server that is moving them to spam. Ask your email provider if they offer some whitelist option.

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I am also wishing that the whitelist was a functioning and easily accessible option like blacklist on a message.

With regard to your comment Gary, about emclient not doing spam, it appears to with the Spam filter. We have blacklist and spam options, so why not have a whitelist at the top so that it overrides those rules.

From the emClient documentation:

There are two pre-made Local rules in eM Client:
Spam filter - This is a default SPAM filtering rule that takes suspicious messages and moves them to a Junk folder. This rule cannot be altered.
Blacklist - This rule is created the first time you use the ‘Move to Junk and blacklist email /domain’ feature and you can add more addresses and domains into it (or remove them).

In the same way you can add to the blacklist, why not have an add to the whitelist, and if mail comes into the Spam or Junk mail folders, check the whitelist, and if the email address is in there, move it to inbox.

Note to avoid confusion, this would need to be different to the current whitelist under Settings,Mail,Privacy, which is for displaying content options.

No, the spam detection is done by the server. It leaves a header in the message for POP3 accounts, which is what the spam filter Rule acts on. eM Client has no spam detection ability.

Because eM Client has no spam detection ability, it has no need for a whitelist. A whitelist is to prevent the spam detection moving messages to Junk from known senders.

eM Client has a blacklist, where you add addresses you don’t want to see. There is no point in manually specifying to move the message with a blacklist, then specifying to move the same message again with a whitelist. Just remove the address or domain from the blacklist.

My suggestion was to override those Spam and Blacklist rules, ie process in the order of Whitelist, then Spam, then Blacklist. I get it that the Spam rule is doing something based on the server, and what I ( and others ) are asking for, is a way to override those current rules. Regardless of whether they are marked as spam from the server, and POP3 or IMAP, but when we as users know the person, and want their emails, we need to override the emClient action that is hiding them in the Spam folder. The most frustrating thing about all this spam detection is that sometimes important mail is wrongly identified.

If the message is already in the Junk folder, so it was moved there by the server, Rules will not apply to it. Sorry. Better you whitelist the sender in webmail for your email account, then the server won’t move it to spam to begin with.

If it is eM Client moving it, just remove the sender from the blacklist, because you put it there yourself.

Hi Gary, when I BCC myself, it always goes to the junk folder (the server does this, OK). But when I’m in eM and I move my email from junk to inbox - it automatically throws it right back into junk. That is eM not the server, is it?