Unable to whitelist email addresses

eM has a blacklist filter but no way I can find to add an “approved” address. This has become an issue in that eM is throwing good (and important) emails into the Junk folder.

When I check the blacklist rules these addresses are not in the list. How do I get eM to stop considering them as spam?

eM Client has no spam detection ability, so no need of a whitelist.

The only way eM Client can move messages to your Junk folder is if you have added either the address or domain to your Blacklist yourself. But there is no point in adding the address to a Blacklist, and then adding the same address to a whitelist. Just remove the address or domain from the Blacklist Rule. If the address or domain are not in your Blacklist, then it is not eM Client doing the moving.

Rather it is your server that is moving them to spam. Ask your email provider if they offer some whitelist option.

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