Unable to use new license on Beta 10

I have been using beta 10 on my MacBook. I have a full license on my PC for v9.

Today I had the popup that the beta expired and will now run in offline mode.


I just purchased two things. 1.) an upgrade of my main license to v10 2.) an additional license.

In the FAQ it says to put the license into the help menu but there is no license in the help menu!


I have wasted about 45 minutes of my morning on this today stuck in a loop. Deinstalling and reinstalling and researching.

Can you please tell me where to add the license to the beta on a new computer when there is no license in the help menu?

The Official V10 has just been released July the 3rd. Go to the release history page and download and install. You can then put in your new License.

Close eM Client before installing.

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I really appreciate the quick reply to this!

That worked.

Those beta links should probably be taken down to avoid any further confusion :slight_smile:

… or some more details instructions in the documentation.

Thanks again! Time to get to work!