Unable to trial V9

How to run trial V9 when I have a purchased V8 installed? I have tried by installing V9 over V8 and uninstalled V8 and tried installing but still get the “you must upgrade” message.

How to run trial V9 when I have a purchased V8 installed?

When you install any later version of eM Client it automatically upgrades the database so its not compatible if you go back to and older eM Client. You can’t run both at the same time on the same computer unless one is setup in a eg: Virtual box.

Before upgrading or testing any new version, you allways need to backup first via “Menu / Backup” which creates a backup.zip file of that version settings and database should you need to restore that specific version. You can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”

So as you now have updated to V9, you either “have to register the new version” or you have to “roll back to the old database” with the older eM Client version.

So if you want to go back to version 8 of eM Client, see the following support page on how to roll back.

“How can I downgrade back to eM Client 8, eM Client 7 or older?”

Posted by Olivia Rust on 21 July 2020 16:43


Thank you for your response. I already have my backup and have reinstalled V8, working perfectly. My problem is that I want to trial V9 but am blocked because I have a purchased V8 which cannot be completely wiped unless I deactivate 1st.

I am probably just going to trial a different program to see what fits me.

Ah ok. I would have thought if you upgrade to V9 (even though you don’t have a V9 license yet) you should still be able to trial V9 for 30days and shouldn’t be blocked or have to deactivate V8 to trial it.

Someone on this forum will know if that can be done and be able to advise you.


I’ve been advised from support that you only initially get one 30day pro trial “per device” and not again for every other later eM Client version.

So as your license is for version 8 only, you can install version 9 and tour the interface, but it will be in offline mode, so no sending or receiving email unless you register version 9.

I installed and tested and have decided the upgrade still does not contain the options I am looking for so will not be upgrading but thank you for the information. I never purchase any software I cannot test 1st to see if it fits my needs.