Unable to sync emclient with my outlook email since 29 September 2017, my outlook a/c uses an alias everything was fine before that.

Unable to sync emclient on my pc (using Window 10)  with my outlook email since 29 September 2017, my outlook a/c uses an alias everything was fine before that, asking to update username and password ( I have checked the username and password, there is no change).

  The emclient a/c has been configured as below -   


IMAP incoming server:    imap-mail.outlook.com

IMAP port:    993

Security Policy : Use SSL/TSL on special port (legacy)


SMTP outgoing server:    smtp-mail.outlook.com

SMTP port:    587

Security Policy : Force Usage of SSL/TSL


Server: m.hotmail.com  ( I have also changed it to s.outlook.com and tried, same result - not syncing)

Authentication -

username - outlook/microsoft a/c id

password - outlook/microsoft a/c password

Since 29th September I am continuously getting the message -

Password required for Air Sync

username -

password -

In spite of putting the same userid/password - for outlook/microsoft a/c , the same message is coming and emclient is not syncing to my Outlook a/c ( where alias is used) , prior to 29th September everything was fine.

I am not facing any problem till now with the Windows Mail App on my PC ( but for this I have to be Online)

Also note -

**1)**No changes have been made to the email settings

2) Only the official Windows 10 updates have been installed, no other new software have been installed on the PC

Most of my missing emails, if not all, have been shunted into junk. Many many conversations with microsoft help failed to identify this problem, and even now I am searching for the final solution which is to get this sorted out. Microsoft now writes crap, and offers help from subnormally mental staff.

Charles, I think maybe this is posted in the wrong thread. But anyway . . .

eM Client will only move messages to Junk for two reasons:

  1. The message header contains an X-Spam header that identifies the message as spam, and the Spam filter Rule in eM Client is enabled.

  2. You have personally added the email address or domain to the Blacklist in eM Client, and the Rule is enabled.

To check if these are moving your messages, the easiest way is to disable them. Go to Menu > Tools > Rules, and untick both the Spam filter and Blacklist Rules.

If the messages are no longer being moved to Junk, check that the domain or addresses are not listed in your Blacklist.

If messages are still being moved to Junk, then it is being done at the server. You will need to login to the web interface for your account, and disable any filters are spam settings.

Thanks. But in a way no thanks. I didn’t even know the existence of rules, and have never changed them. Doesnt solve the problem so I will go for your second suggestion (to try and change the server). Who knows ?

You do not have to know about Rules to add a whole domain to the Blacklist. Just clicking on an email once and choosing to move to junk will add that address or domain to the Blacklist.

But if you are absolutely certain that Rules are not responsible, then it must be at the server, or it could be possible that another device connected to the same account is responsible.