Unable to start EM Client, intermittant

Intermittently EM Client will not open. A restart fixes the problem.

This is a registered free version on my customer’s computer. They are using a new Windows 10 installation on a fairly new PC.

The first time opening EM Client [7.1.331010] after a restart always works. Closing the program then later trying to open, is when it sometimes will not open. When this happens there are no error messages. There are no Windows Event Log entries. Once the PC restarts looking in tools/operations errors or logs shows nothing related to the problem.

I left instruction to use Task Manager to see if an instance of EM Client may be left running in the background from the previous time the program was run, but the problem has not recurred since I was there yesterday afternoon.

Any assistance with this issue would be appreciated.

Yes, I have seen that sometimes there is background process running when eM Client will not restart, though it rarely happens. 

If your client is using the application in a business environment, they should take advantage of the support option afforded to Pro License users. Opening a support ticket directly with eM Client should provide some useful assistance.