Unable to setup Exchange mail account


I just downloaded and installed eM Client to try it, and I intend to purchase the PRO version for a few users.

However, I am not able to setup my email account…

I have a Microsoft Exchange account (Office 365).

I went in “New Account”, then “Mail” option, and clicked on the “Exchange” icon. Then I entered my email address in both “Email address” and “User name” fields, then I entered the password and waited while eM Client was “Obtaining server configuration records”.

After a while, I got the error message:
“The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.”

I also tried with Automatic Setup, and ignored certificate errors, but it doesn’t work. I get the same error message.

But I know that my email address and password are correct. I can log into my account online at https://login.microsoftonline.com using this email and password.

Please help!

I really want to be able to use eM Client, I read many reviews saying that it is a great alternative to Outlook.

Thank you!

Ok, I found the solution. Because of Microsoft Exchange two-step authentication, I had to create an App Password for eM Client.

I found the explanation how to do this on this page:

So I will now be able to test eM Client!  :slight_smile:

Hello Deb,

Thank you for sharing your solution with the rest of the community, we hope that you enjoy using eM Client.