unable to setup exchange account

I just downloaded eM Client, and am having issues setting up my work email which is thru Exchange.

Hello Julia,

Could you please try setting the account up again? Go to Tools -> Accounts -> New Account but skip the"Automatic Setup" option and in the “Mail” option click on the Exchange icon

Afterwards please make sure you enter your email address in BOTH “Email address” and “User name” fields, enter the password and then be patient while eM Client is “Obtaining server configuration records”.
Please let us know if that helped setting the account up and if not, where exactly is the problem - do you get an error message (if yes please enclose a screenshot), …

Thank you,

I have the same problem. And this tip doesn’t work.
I’m not surprised since there is no field to define the domain and the name of the server.
My email address is user@company.fr but the server name is webmail.company.fr.
Help required.

Hello Vincent,

When you’re setting up an account through Exchange and eM Client can’t find the server, it will give you a field where you should enter the domain manually. If this is not what happened, could we please see a screenshot of the moment when the setup failed?

Thank you,


I have the same issue : the server name of my company is different from what is after the @ of my email address.
When configuring the exchange account manually, I do not get the option enter the domain manually. 
I can put my email address, my username and password, but nothing more.
Then he says he automatically found the server (which is most probably false and thus the issue here), and from this moment on I can’t do anything more.
I am sure of what I put as username and password, as I configured it on my Android phone.

Thanks for the help,

Just use some bogus email address, one that is unlikely to have an Exchange server connected. Anything @123.com usually works. After you click Next, it will try the autodiscovery for settings.

After a few seconds it will fail and present you with the next screen, where you can enter your correct details including the server address.

Great it worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing this trick!