Unable to set up Gmail account

I’m trying to add my Gmail account and it doesn’t even ask for the password. eM Client says my account has been added, but clearly no information is retrieved, and the account is not displayed with my other account. Very frustrating. I’ve turned off my AV and it hasn’t made a difference. Would really love to get help with this. 

Hi all. I resolved the issue by manually adding the account rather than using the Gmail option or the automatic setup option. Even during the manual addition, the initial testing results did not work. I had to use the “Fix” option–twice!–in order to get the test results to obtain the appropriate settings. It seems like a very asinine way to go about adding a Gmail account. I had a breeze of a time with eM Client 6 and am already not enjoying the experience of Version 7. 

I also tried to install Version 6 on my computer after installing Version 7 and realising my license will not work with 7. Even though I uninstalled 7, some change(s) had been made to the registry files, and the eM Client 6 installer was unable to overwrite those changes. Therefore, I am now stuck with eM Client 7, and need to pay $19.95+tax in order to get a Pro license for 7, even though my current Pro license is barely a year old.

eM Client, this is really disappointing. I have had such a good experience with eM Client thus far, but this has been a veritable disaster. I have recommended you highly to my organisation until today, but I think I’m going to have to stop doing that. 

Try This
Shutdown EmClient
Go to Gmail and look up Settings/Labels

Make sure “All Mail” is checked to show in Imap and is NOT Hidden
Check all other labels that you may have and make sure the ones you what to show are also checked.
Then re start Emclient .
Version 7 REquires that “all Mail”  must  be checked to show in Imap
As last resort delete account in EmClient and re add it in again.
Hope this helps