Unable to Set Up Carddav - no directory

Hi.  I am a new user and have set up my IMAP and Caldav OK, but Carddav is failing because eMClient won’t allocate a directory.  Default Folders/Contacts remains stubbornly empty!
 I am linking to FastMail and have followed their instructions closely https://www.fastmail.com/help/clients/emclient.html#contacts
I wonder if anyone can offer some advice please?

I had similar issues with GMX.com. Unless the uri is correct, it will not populate.

Maybe contact Fastmail and see if they have changed anything since those instructions were published as it was some time back.

Thanks Gary. I will have to try that.
The URL that Fastmail offer is
I am not savvy on these settings but I suspect that it is the very last part that has the problem, that presumably points eM Client at their correct directory.

Would be interesting to know what they say.

If you have a Pro License for eM Client, you might want to open a support ticket. Getting the developers involved could also help.

I have raised Fastmail ticket and will publish the result here.  Unfortunately I am a free eM Client user at present, so I don’t have developer access (I want to be sure that I am happy before I pay up).

EDIT FastMail have confirmed that their advice is OK at https://www.fastmail.com/help/clients/emclient.html
…but I added  a ‘/’ suffix to my CardDav string which fixed my problem