Unable to Send or receive emails unless i restart App

Hi Guys
Over the past couple of days, I have realised that I cannot do a manual send or receive using the Tab at the top left with the circular arrows. Just does not do anything. I also note that emails are not sent immediately and wait in the outbox possibly until the set time currently 10 mins to send and receive comes around. The only way it appears is to close the app and restart and everything is OK for a while then back to the problem again.

To add nothing extra appears in the operations log

Go to Menu / Help / License and see if its activated.

pro with life time upgrades

Ok as its activated ok, Sounds like something is not working correctly in the eM Client program somewhere.

I would first back up via “Menu / Backup”. Then click “Menu / Help / About” and make a note of the version you have atm. Then uninstall it and (don’t delete the database) on uninstall when asked. Next re-download the same version you have been using via the ver history page and reinstall. Then see how it goes. https://www.emclient.com/release-history

If reinstalling the program makes no difference, if there is a later eM Client version on the ver history page above, try updating your version. Failing that if you have done a recent backup of eM Client (before this issue happened), suggest to try restoring your backup via “Menu / File / Restore” or failing that if you don’t have a prev backup or the restore makes no difference, then suggest to remove your account from eM Client and re-add your account as new as then might be some sort of database error.