Unable to send and receive emails

HELP!!! I am unable to receive or send emails since Friday 11/13/2020.
I can receive emails on my MAC and my Android phone but not on
my Windows 10 laptop which is using em client. So apparently the server must be working.
I have checked all em client settings and anti virus settings with no success.
I have received an error message and have attached a screen shot.

Can you see the errors in the log (Tab) ? If you can, are you able to paste them in this thread.

Also what are your POP account Settings

I posted a screen shot in my original post.

The POP 3 is inbound.att.net. port 965 SSL / TLS
SMTP is outbound.att.net port 465 SSL / TLS

I have also tried all other configs and ports

for the POP 3 and SMTP but no luck. Maybe I should back up

the entire email and then uninstall em client and reinstall.

My version is 7.2 and I am unable to update to 8 for some unknown reason…


Click the “Log” Tab (on the right of errors) in accounts and paste in this thread what’s there.