Unable to remove item because account is read-only

I have a calendar item that is showing up under a calendar that is not actually a calendar - instead it is a trello board - problem is, the item in question is not on the trello board, never was and I am not able to delete it. I have tried removing and re-adding the trello board/calendar, I have tried restarting the program, restarting my pc, nothing seems to work. I even tried snoozing for 2 weeks and that doesn’t work either. Also looked for logs or other information within operations and nothing to see there.delete-cal-item

If you remove the calendar from eM Client, and the item is no longer displayed in eM Client, then it is on the server. So when you add the calendar back again, and the item appears, this confirms it is on the server.

If the calendar is read-only, you will not be able to delete the item, exactly as the error says.

The calendar does not and has not ever existed. It was not even added on the Trello board in question. That’s the problem. The Trello board that the calendar is referencing never had such an item on it, nor should it have.

OK, remove this calendar from eM Client.

Is the item still in eM Client?