Unable to register registry key

At the end of the install and every time I make a change in settings, this error pops up.  Doesn’t seem to affect what I’ve changed but it’s getting annoying.

I had searched to see if this was a known problem and didn’t get a hit.  Of course, now I see that someone had this problem a year ago.  Let me run eM Client as administrator and see if it updates the registry key.  If it does, that should solve the problem.

Nope.  Didn’t solve the problem.  Running as administrator did not give me the pop up error when I changed a theme but when I run the app normally the error pops up again.

Windows 8.1.

Hello Kevin, sorry for the belated reply. If you’re still experiencing this, can you please try to uninstall eM Client or try to run an installation repair using the installed of your current eM Client installation, e.g. v6.0.22344.0?
You can download the installer for this exact release here 6.0.22344.0, reinstall or repair your installation and let me know if the issue persists.

If you’re uninstalling, please make sure to run the installer as administrator to avoid these issues in your new installation.

Thank you,