unable to recieve mail from gmail.

unable to recieve mail from gmail i have configured my gmail account on my system in em client and i hv check the setting which is proper but suddenly it stop recieving mail , actually previously it was working when i m using it trial version but nw i hv licenced version plz help me.

Having the same problem since the update. Wish they would tell us what is going on!

Hi, how many e-mail account in total have you setup in eM Client?

I only have one. A Gmail account. Will send email out, but will only download email when I open eM Client. Very upset & will have to change email clients if this isn’t resolved soon. Only happened after I updated to the new version!

Please uninstall your current version of eM Client and try this one: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v4.0.138…