Unable to receive incoming email

This problem started yesterday, 3/11/13. I am unable to receive and or view any incoming email. I can send without a problem. Can you offer any help with this problem.

I am having the same problem. Ours also started yesterday. I have emClient on my laptop too, and it’s still working fine–just not on my main computer.

However, for the last couple of weeks it had been acting up. It wouldn’t receive email, even though we knew we had some, until later in the day, and then it would download a bunch at one time.

Strange… I’m having the same issue …started yesterday. Can’t get emails but can send. The account diagnostics shows all is well.

Do you both happen to have Charter as your ISP? I really don’t think it’s eMClient anymore. I really think it’s my Charter service. I called them and talked to someone (of course, they never put the real tech people on with you first), and she told me I had to email better tech guys about my problem. That’s when I found out my email isn’t working sending either, or it’s very spotty. My eMClient diagnostics were fine too.

This particular account that I have happens to be with AT&T. It took a number of shutting down of emclient to finally get it to work… changing the SMTP port number back and forth, deleting folders in the inbox (which I’m still trying to get rid of due to the strange slowness in this process - often emclient telling me that “this operation may take a while to complete”). It is now downloading emails but I know it was the client because I used gmail to read my account when I was having this issue and I was able to see see my emails…

If the problem re-occurs - send us your IMAP logs. You can enable them here: Tools - Settings - Advanced. Thank you.

I went to Tools-Accounts and put my ail address in again and also my password and now it works fine. All my emails download, lickety split!!

I am happy that your issue has been resolved :slight_smile: