Unable to receive and send

eMClient do not receive and no not send any mail.
I deleted one of the account and created again, with no result.
There is nothing in the smtp/imap log files.
I don’t know if it is a probleme of my internet provider (I had a problem with IP address and Mac,which has been resoved).

I am sorry for the delay - does the problem persist? If so, contact me directly at my mail and I will send you further instructions.

Hello, the problem persists.I sent you an email with subjet “problem”.
It could be caused by my laptop or windows 7, as also I cannot install Chrome and cannot update Internet Explorer !
If you have no time don’t worry, I’ll be back home middle next week.

Just send me an email an we an take a look on that :slight_smile:

I’m back home. I made windows full recovery on my laptop and just after I already had a problem ! I’m getting mad. I’m making recovery again and I’ll send you an email this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks :slight_smile:

I made a complete recovery of Windows 7 on my laptop. Installed eMClient and now it’s ok.
The file settings.xml has been very useful to recovery all my accounts and contacts and configuration.
Unfortunately this file do not include the categories. It would be perfect :slight_smile: