Unable to paste rich text as a folder name

When I sell on eBay, I get an email confirming my listing. That email contains the title of my listing usually as rich text or HTML text.

I like to create folders for each listing I sell.

When I cut the listing title from my email, then create a new folder and attempt to paste the title, I am unable to. Nothing is pasted.

eM Client should convert the text to plain text (like every other mail client I’ve ever used) and use that as the folder name. From a user perspective, it’s “just text” anyway.

I tried to reproduce that, unsuccessfully.

Can you give an example of the text.

Sure thing. It’s an email I got from eBay with the title of my listing: “Microsoft Xbox One, Kinect, 500GB, 7 games, extra controller.” which is also a link to the item.

Dave, what happens when you paste the text into Notepad?

Ah, good call! If I paste it, it has an extra blank line at the beginning. Which is odd as I’m very careful to only select the specific text. Some character must be embedded in it. A strip(text) would likely fix that, but it may not be a eM Client issue as much as it’s how eBay sends links…